FUTE VIP member system

Fute.com.tw FUTE International Cooperation has all rights to make any relevant changes.
(The accumulated amount in an account is independent and cannot be combined with other accounts)

▶︎ $100 cash coupon upon VIP registratiomn

▶︎ Free shipping will be available for purchase over NT.$3,000 on FUTE official website. (International orders do not qualify for free shipping)
▶︎ Make a single purchase of NT.$8,000 or above to upgrade to FUTE VIP member.
▶︎ Reach an accumulated purchase of NT.$12,000 or above in one year to upgrade to FUTE VIP member.
(if the amount of purchase does not exceed the said amount due to multiple returns, FUTE has the right to modify or adjust the VIP qualifications)
▶︎ Get a NT.$300 cash coupon for new arrivals.  
▶︎ Receive a FUTE VIP member exclusive FREE GIFT.



VIP Membership Privileges

Enjoy a discount (NT.$300 cash coupon) for new arrivals

▶︎ Cash coupons will be expired after 60 days, and will not be applicable after the expiry date.


▶︎ Please contact our customer service if there are any changes to be made.
▶︎If a FUTE VIP member does not have any record of purchase within one year, he/she will automatically become a FUTE member in one year.


【Instructions to use FUTE cash coupons

●  Discount codes and Cash coupons are not valid after expiration date.
●  Cash coupons cannot be used for products with special offer.

●  Cash coupons should be used within 60 days from the date of issue.


1. 收到商品後,仔細考慮後還是決定要辦理退貨。

2. 請登錄您的帳戶,並前往【訂單與退貨】,並輸入您要退貨的訂單號碼。

3. 我們將所需要的退貨資料以電子郵件發送給您。

    台灣本島僅限使用 「7-11退貨便」 辦理退貨。
    離島地區暫不提供 「7-11退貨便」 服務,會員需自行寄回,將於收到商品後補貼運費(上限為80元)。

4. 或請聯絡FUTE 取得7-11 『退貨便代碼』 。

5. 請於申請退貨代碼隔日起三天內至7-11 ibon 辦理。
6. 使用袋子(建議使用較厚、不易破碎的)或紙箱包裝,商品外包裝長+寬+高≦ 45*30*30公分/商品總重量≦5公斤,包裝完整、上下方平整。(交寄尺寸不符規定,門市將拒收,還請消費者務必留意!)
7.  點選 ibon首頁 → 輸入代碼 → 列印明細 → 連同退貨包裹一併交給店員。
8. 保留收據做為退貨成功憑證。

9. 7-11完成退貨後, 預計3-7個工作天FUTE收到物流中心退貨。

10. 收到退貨商品無誤後, 每月固定10號及25號統一完成退款作業(線上刷卡付款將直接退刷金額)。


LINE@ 官方帳號
方式 1. 掃描將【行動條碼】官方帳號設為好友
方式 2. 請先點選LINE 裡的官方帳號搜尋【FUTE】並設為好友
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Off days during weekends and public holidays




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Off days during weekends and public holidays


© 2020 FUTE, all rights reserved.


© 2020 FUTE, all rights reserved.